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About Us
Dinmind Infotech is providing dynamic way of software solutions, and specializes in the development of high quality products and cost effective IT solutions. We offer unmatched service to our clients. Our team of professionals is dedicated to provide information technology solutions adapted to global clients.
Dinmind Infotech is your ideal partner for the development of IT solutions. The mission of Dinmind Infotech is to utilize cutting edge technology to offer reliable and efficient business application solutions, and consulting for the communications, corporate, financial and securities industry.
We are very focused on our core competencies. We strive to be the best at everything we do. Our primary goal is to provide your company with the software tools needed to address real world business issues and opportunities. This focus has allowed us to become a true "master of our trade". Since the systems and business requirements are constantly changing due to technology and growth, we are committed to a continuous research and development in order to provide significant enhancements as a part of our standard package, to meet our clients growing needs.

Our Merits
* Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives
* Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions.
* Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines.
* Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team.
* Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis
* Strong technological background
* 24/7availability

To become a valued organization that delivers the innovative business solutions by leveraging technology, and world class people.

Mission Statement:
To ensure shareholders value and customers satisfaction, by providing cost effective world class services and solutions in an innovative work environment with the best-in-class people leveraging technical expertise.

Here we want to express our heart felt gratitude to our clients for the trust they have been placing in us .We have proven our software expertise and experience in a number of industries and provided software solutions on a number of topics. We believe that the length of our service agreements is proof of the positive effect of our activities on our clients’ business.
* Application Development and Maintenance
* Product Engineering
* System integration
* Infrastructure Services
* Enterprise solutions

Application development and maintenance
DinMind Infotech with its Application development and Maintenance, methodology caters to the best of breed processes which helps in a successful on-time delivery. Stringent quality procedures and experienced delivery skills are aimed get maximum return on clients IT spending.

DinMind Infotech provides solutions to challenging IT problems by combining its deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability, and extensive project management skills. Our team has significant experience in delivering large scale and complex solutions using delivery processes that drive efficiencies.

Product Engineering
Innovation and delivering superior quality are the imperative to stay on the top of the value chain. Here, having a partner in product life cycle who understands the needs with right domain and technical expertise will ensure the road to the success and stay on top of the market. Today, companies create innovative products, reduce costs, shorten product development cycles and bring to the market rapidly.

The services include product conceptualization & design, development, testing and product support services.

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Dinmind Infotech

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System integration
A successful enterprise understands the importance technology innovation. It is challenging to build solutions with countless technology choices to support the dynamic business environment of the enterprise and IT backbone of such enterprise is a mixture of technologies, platforms and applications. With our excellent knowledge management and quality processes, we integrate enterprise wide applications to improve the interoperability and maximize the compatibility.

How we work?
* Consult & work with you to outline the solution
* Architecture and define the best solution
* Design & Build the solution
* Roll out the solution across your organization
* Ongoing support
What we can do for you?
* Consult and Assist to make the right technology choices.
* Maximize the usage the available technology infrastructure.
* Ensure the application meets the desired standards of reliability and availability.
* Architect & well integrate systems with new technologies
* Migrate the legacy application to web technologies

Infrastructure Services
With IT infrastructure becoming the backbone of most businesses, IT infrastructure security and support is a nonnegotiable item. DinMind Infotech provides IT support services to help the organizations to support its business growth, manage networks, databases and applications. Our business model and strategy is based around forming long-term relationships with our clients and offering complete lifecycle solutions to the client.

We understand that every organization has its own standard and operate with the defined process. We are flexible in the service and the engagement model to suit the client and assist in the growth of the organization. We address customer concerns and challenges at portfolio of services stack including Desktops Servers, IT application Support, Network management and Security implementation to deliver our service offerings most suited to your specific requirements.

In addition, we have leveraged world-class methods, quality tools, processes and intellectual capital to create high service levels. Our skilled, experienced IT professionals and our ability to leverage their intellectual capital, has led to a very successful track record. This enables us both to become closely involved in providing more relevant and effective IT solutions, all aimed at improving business results by controlling IT costs in a cost-effective manner to the support the clients need for day-to-day operations & management.

Our Value Proposition

* Helps the clients to focus on their core business
* Reduce cost on IT operations
* Enable client's IT resources to achieve Business goals
* Increased productivity by improving operational efficiencies

Enterprise solutions
Increased globalization and rapid technology changes have added to an organization's challenges in recent years which drastically impact almost every business process within the organization. All organizations have the goal to improve their top line and bottom line month on month. Tracking performance is always done periodically and without this tracking, an organization would not be in a position to know the areas of pains and delight.

Integrating various business processes (with multiple dependencies) to evolve into an organizational practice or culture, is the one calling for attention, review and re-engineering. Changes could be first brought in manually by improved learning and understanding by stakeholders in the process or computerized systems could be set up. These options are open to the management and change champion.

Any IT solution introduced to streamline a part or full of the business aspect, workplace or department is good enough to start the Transformation Process. This is the first step to align Business Goals with IT Solution. The solutions or systems which address focused business processes or goals are normally called as Enterprise Solutions.

The suggested milestones for rolling out Enterprise Solutions are:

* Transformation Services
* Enterprise Resource Planning
* HR and Payroll
* EAM and Plant maintenance

With years of experience, DinMind Infotech has a deep understanding and expertise in many industries, we specialized in following industries:
* Manufacturing
* Retail
* E-Governance
* Healthcare
* Finance
* Banking
* Insurance
* Communication
* Logistics

We have wild range of client list some of they are listed below:

01. DNC Groups
02. DNG Groups
03. Nithya Hospital
04. GK Hospital
05. Sarathya Hospital
06. Saravanabavan Hotel
07. Jay ram Textiles
08. Raman Textiles
09. Karthi Mahesh Silks
10. Udhyam Fancy
11. Sivasakthi Hard wards
12. Sri Dhanalakshmi Hi Tech Rice Mill
13. Mits Mobiles
14. Yaazhini Builders
15. Srm Construction
16. Sri Asta lakshmi Real Estate
17. SN Tyres
18. Alcove Ashok Residency and Restraints
19. SVM Guest House
20. Sunshine Residency
21. 3 Star Residency
22. Kvr Groups
23. Roman Arts
24. Nisha Tailors
25. BJP
26. Velvan Agencies
27. Dakshin Chess
28. ACS Landscape and Garden
29. Murali Medicals
30. Sanjeevi medicals.
31. Shai and Akashya Agencies
32. Modern Rice mill
33. Delphi Tvs
34. Simpson
35. Chank mark
36. Manju builders.

Once you have decided
Once you have decided Dinmind Infotech for contract work, the next steps are simple enough:
Step 1: Let us know what kind of work you are interested in having us to do. We will then send you samples of our previous work in this area
Step 2: After you have examined our work, we will request to work on a short pilot project. This will be a very reasonably priced short term project that will prove we are capable of satisfying your programming needs. Our experience has shown this step to be instrumental in building the foundations of a strong, professional and lasting business relationship.
Step 3: Upon completion of the pilot project, we will anticipate a formal project order. As we become familiar with the details of your project, we will request that you provide the E-mail address of an individual(s) to whom our programmers may direct questions.
Step 4: We will submit a feasible completion deadline and price. A payment schedule can then be worked out on a per project basis. Generally, 20% down is standard. The remaining payments will coincide with completion by DinMind Infotech of prearranged milestones.
The more details, the better…
Obviously, the more detailed the better! Our programming staff is very competent and has a great deal of expertise. Therefore we don't require a great deal of background information. However, we would like a document which thoroughly describes the user interface, data structures, and platform requirements, supported languages, sample screen images, etc. This is an iterative process and we are always able to nail down what we need by a few rounds of meeting with the client.
What deliverables do we supply…?
As described in our profile, payments to us come at scheduled milestones as work is completed. We will provide you with examples of the work completed to date for you to review. At that time, we can discuss changes which are required or modifications to the original design specs. You are welcome to discuss this with us at any time during the project. On completion of the job we will provide you with full source, technical documentation and development notes from our programming staff. We expect to receive acceptance or a detailed list of exceptions within seven days of submitting the completed work. Final payment should follow at that time. We guarantee that the product will work as per the agreed on design specs.
Bug fixes and …
We will fix at no charge to you any bugs brought to our attention which deviate from the agreed on design specs. Bugs which are due to omissions in the design specs will be fixed on a T & M basis. We will be delighted to provide maintenance for all work we have done on a T & M basis.
To learn more about DinMind Infotech, please contact us.

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